Adult Living Communities Calgary

If you or your parents are interested in an active adult community in Calgary, look no further than Prairie Creek Crossing. An adult living community offers many benefits and amenities for adults of all ages. Whether you are retired or not, you can enjoy our adult living community. Read on to learn more about our community, facility, and amenities.

Active Adult Community Calgary

An active adult living community is not necessarily the same as senior living or even assisted living. Instead, active adult communities are often for adults in their fifties or older whose children have all moved out. This way, they can have a community as empty nesters. At Prairie Creek Crossing, our active adult community ensures that you can socialize and meet others while still having a beautiful place to live.

Adult Living Facility And Amenities

At Prairie Creek Crossing, you can have your own bungalow-style home with 1-2 bedrooms and bathrooms as well as an attached garage. You can rest assured that our facility is safe and maintained with lawn care, snow clearing, garbage removal, etc. Our homes also do not have stairs or basements, and everything is wheelchair accessible so you can plan to stay for a long time.

While you might not be bothered by yard work, stairs, or narrow doorways now, you can expect to stay at Prairie Creek Crossing for many years as you get older and eventually need these services.

For more information on our active adult community, contact Prairie Creek Crossing today by calling (403) 850-4593.